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Welcome to IT WILL BLOOM

We are thrilled you found us. We think we know why are you are here. We’d love to share why we are here. We are two women business professionals who love working with startups and entrepreneurs. We used to sneak a peek at Fast Company, Inc, and Crain’s NY sitting in our corporate offices. We were always telling our husbands, our friends, our family members, even our local barista about the next big idea we had. We got excited about local success stories. We love the combination of design, entrepreneurs and straight old fashioned solid business principles. We also love the thrill of new business ideas, the solving of problems in the marketplace, the creativity of making something from just an idea. We could go on and on. You get the idea.

Having come from the corporate world, the entrepreneurs around us - friends, colleagues, parents of our children's friends - many of them women - reached out to us for help. “Can you help me with my marketing plan?” “Can you help me with my financials?” We realized - hey - we really like working with these types of businesses! Fast forward a few years - both of us individually working as consultants with early stage companies. We worked with startups on many consulting projects in marketing, sales, financial strategies and pitch decks - just to name a few. We then met and realized the sum of our talents provided a bigger synergy than working alone. It Will Bloom was born. The combination of the disciplines learned in the corporate world, small companies' fresh ideas, and our own entrepreneurial spirit was a match made in heaven!

So here we are - at It Will Bloom. Our business is seeing startups succeed but we also really like collaborating with the founders, and we leave meetings energized. We're excited to be part of creating something bigger than just us. We’ve worked with companies of all kinds - Food and Beverage companies, Beauty companies, Jewelry and Accessory companies, a STEM education company, a Tech Coding company, a PR firm, a Real Estate firm....and that's just to name a few.

Pull up a chair. Ask us some questions. Get to know us. We can’t wait to get to know you and your company.

Galia and Andrea

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