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Strategic Planning - for Marketing and Brand Strategy

A business needs clear goals and smart business plans to succeed. Our Strategic Planning services in Marketing and Brand Strategy, focus on developing plans and priorities around the key areas that influence business growth, brand development, and ability to overcome business challenges. Whether your business needs all, or just some of these services, we will provide practical strategic advisory to help you succeed.


Market Opportunity:

* Define category, competitive landscape, market dynamics, and size of market.

* Define problem your business solves or unmet need it addresses. 

* Define your company's unique value proposition and develop clear positioning and “Elevator Pitch” about your business.

* Conduct marketing sizing to articulate size of company’s opportunity.

Understanding Consumer or Customer:

* Identify key target consumer or customer.

* Understand who they are, how they think, the factors and insights that affect behavior and demand, and how and where to communicate with them.

* Conduct consumer research and consumer segmentation if necessary.

Brand Strategy, Brand Planning, and Strategic Marketing Plans:

* Develop Brand Strategy to build a strong brand with clear positioning and own-able point of difference.

* Develop clear marketing messages based on positioning, point of difference and consumer/customer needs and insights. Clearly define product/service offerings and benefits.

* Assess and ensure market fit, and make appropriate adjustments to messaging or products/services

* Employ General Management approach to marketing planning; Evaluate product, pricing, distribution and promotion/communication through eyes of consumer/customer and with growth and profitability lens; Infuse company with brand values.

* Develop marketing strategies and tactics to reach your consumer/customer, while keeping in mind financial considerations such as cost per acquisition.

Commercialization and Go-to-Market Strategy:

* Develop commercialization and go-to market strategies with projected goals and milestones.

* Evaluate existing and potential revenue and distribution channels, and how best to compete in each.

* Evaluate and optimize pricing for products or services; assess market and competitor dynamics that impact pricing strategies.

Brand Expansion:

* Assess viability of new opportunities, new markets, new categories and new products/services to continue fueling growth. 

* Develop strategy for innovation and new product development; develop brand architecture for expansion.

* Develop pipeline of viable, market validated ideas, as well as plans for commercialization.

Diagnose Business Challenges:

* Conduct situation assessment of business challenges related to company, market, or competitive factors, to identify key challenges and opportunities.

* Develop plans to address challenges and opportunities, with clear linkage between overall business goals, and marketing objectives, strategies and tactics.


Financial Model and Projections:

* Define business model, revenue streams, and fixed and variable costs.

* Develop or refine financial model and projections.

* Assess business assumptions for revenue and profit forecasts. 

* Develop or refine multi-year profit and loss statement, and cash flow projections.

* Identify financial milestones. 

Business Analysis:

* Conduct business analysis that will assist in strategies for scaling.

* Evaluate margins and profitability and identify paths to enhancement.

* Analyze expenses.

Financial Management:

* Ongoing business management for P&L optimization.

* Ongoing assessment of: revenue streams, sales forecasts, margin enhancement opportunities, marketing ROI and cost per customer acquisition, operational decisions.

Capital Needs, Supply Chain, and Operations:

* Assess capital needs and timing.

* Assess organizational capabilities and cash flow to support growth and key milestones. 

* Identify financial obstacles and key milestones related to operational capabilities.

* Assess supply chain cash flow needs, obstacles and opportunities.

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