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From Seed to Scale™ Seminars 

IT WILL BLOOM offers From Seed to Scale™ Seminars: full day, half day, and 1 hour seminars focused on key marketing and financial fundamentals essential for business growth. We also work with co-working spaces, and other early-stage business formation organizations to provide customized seminars that cover the most pressing topics for young companies. Each small group seminar is led by IT WILL BLOOM co-founders, and introduces key tools that participants then put to work in a work-shop setting, or can immediately apply to their business. These seminars offer a time efficient way to add the skills you need, while networking with other like-minded Entrepreneurs looking for resources and support.  Whatever your needs are, IT WILL BLOOM will help your business get From Seed to Scale™.

Upcoming From Seed To Scale™ Seminars


To be successful in today’s environment, you must have a solid handle on all financial aspects of your business. Are you ready to take steps to scale your business, and also ensure you don’t make money mistakes in the process? Have you been putting off developing your company’s financials? Are you clear on how growth will impact your P&L? Our one hour seminar will address the following topics, and will enable you to put in place sound financial strategies for business growth.

  • Key steps to make your company scalable

  • Assumptions needed to develop a Profit and Loss Statement, and project cash flow

  • Forecasting for multichannel revenue sources

  • Overview of the various funding options available to entrepreneurs

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Why do you need a winning pitch deck?

If you are getting ready to raise outside capital, then it’s obvious why - and you want to make sure that your presentation clearly addresses the most vital points that investors are looking for.  But the process of developing a pitch deck also takes a company through the key strategic questions and concepts that are critical to a successful business – no matter what stage your company is at.  Many of these are also the same critical questions you will need to answer for potential customers, putting you ahead of the game with a ready Sales deck.

Join It Will Bloom founders for a hands-on, small group workshop, as they lead participants through the process of examining, and communicating, each of the most critical strategic concepts your presentation must address – including:

* How your business is disruptive

* Problem your business solves 

* Market opportunity and customer

* Business model

* Financial projections template

* Next steps including funding and exits

Our breadth of training covers many additional key topics, as well as others upon request. Please contact us for more information.

Available Seminar Topics

- Finance and Marketing Fundamentals for Startups and Entrepreneurs

- Brand Creation and Development Strategies

- Capital Funding Spectrum

- Developing a Strategic Marketing Plan 

- Understanding Your Consumer

- Digital Marketing 101 for Entrepreneurs

- Using the 4Ps to Evaluate and Develop Marketing Strategy 

- Fundraising 101

- Creating a Powerful Pitch Deck

- Ongoing Financial Management

- New Product Development Strategies and Planning


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