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For a start-up, navigating fund-raising is already an arduous process. So when we also signed up for an accelerator competition, I knew we needed outside help to perfect our pitch. Galia and Andrea were invaluable - from challenging our thinking to providing insight to the investor mindset and honing our slides to a concise and impactful deck. The result? We won #PEintensive17!"


- Tina Hedges, LOLI Beauty

Collaborating with Galia and Andrea has helped propel our business to the next level. They have provided clarity of strategic vision, discipline to plan our strategy, and the network of industry-related financial and marketing resources crucial to supporting our vision. They are knowledgeable, hard-working, dedicated and appreciate the entrepreneurial drive and spirit; working with them has been simply one of the best business decisions we have made.


- The Worthy Company Co-founders 

Galia has served as one of my most valued advisors over the past three years. She brings a deep understanding of business fundamentals, helping discuss and evaluate key business decisions as well as taking lead to build our financial documents (cash flow, projections, budgets).  On a more personal level, Galia truly values the entrepreneurial experience and knows what it takes to support the process of building a business from the ground up.  She remains a trusted source of support and guidance along our journey.

- Founder of Planet Fuel

I had the pleasure of meeting Andrea through a mutual friend in Spring 2016 and it couldn’t have been a better time to connect with her. My small business was at a crossroads and I had major decisions to make on the future of the company. Her expertise, strategic vision and ability to dive into the nuts and bolts of my business allowed her to quickly develop a marketing and distribution strategy for the future of my company. Together, we made important decisions and she truly became a partner and friend while we worked together. I look forward to working with her again as my business expands."

-Founder of Hairbanglez

We can’t say enough about the wonderful experience we had working with Andrea.  She focused us to define what we needed, how best to achieve our goals and then using all of her skills she got the job done quickly and efficiently.  She took us from A to Z developing new and innovative strategies and created a new and fresh life for our brand.  Her attention to detail, her creativity and her knowledge of all that is available in this fast moving world of marketing and technology was extraordinary.  She was always one step ahead, anticipating the next move while keeping us on track with our timeline and budget.  A small business, large business, start-up or independent contractor, would all be lucky to have Andrea on their team; she is amazing.


- M&D Properties @ Coldwell Banker


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